Let Malmaison help you smash those looming New Year’s resolutions


  1. Get in touch with old friends.

All too often our busy, modern lifestyles can overtake what is truly important. Luckily, Christmas is always here to remind us to take time out and see the people who mean the most.  Make it your 2019 goal to keep in touch with the friends and family you may have lost touch with. Invite them to Malmaison and break the ice with all the delightful cocktails, spirits, beers and wines they have stocked up, ready for you try out.

  1. Practice the art of self-care.

More and more we hear how crucial it is to practice self-care. This means different things for different people, although I am sure we can all agree that being pampered is a one of the best feelings, when it all gets a little too much. Book a room and relax for a few days with top class service. Alternatively, book a luxury treatment or spa day for yourself, where you can escape your responsibilities for a couple of hours!

  1. Be kind to your bank balance.

Up until 24th January Chez Mal are treating diners to 50% off food. An amazing saving in January, when most of us could do with the extra help! This is especially perfect for those who promise to keep a closer eye on their pennies this year. Go home with the wallet feeling a little heavier than usual, without having to miss out on all the deliciousness the Mal has to offer.

  1. Eat different!

One for the health conscious here! A sure fire way to ensure a lean physique for this time next year is to eat more in the way of plant-based foods. Veganism is also a fab route to take if your resolution is to act with more environmental awareness. Start as you mean to go on with Veganuary at Malmaison, where meat-free feasts await you. The squash and red onion tagine with rose coriander and apricot couscous is definitely our pick. Guilt-free and tasty!

  1. Work hard, play hard.

In order to fully bask in your down-time you will want to make sure you are working hard, safe in the knowledge you have earnt your well-deserved rest stops.  Ace 2019 by making sure you are reaching both personal and professional aims! Malmaison have a range of packages your business may be interested in, if important New Year’s meetings are taking place. Pods and rooms with the latest smart tech are also available to use.