New Identity Tattoo Studio gives the process of getting a tattoo the focus and attention it deserves. First of all, by making it an experience; expert artists create, in collaboration with yourself, stunning imagery that enhances exactly what you choose.

New identity’s mission statement speaks volumes. From the Pelsall studio, which launched 8 years ago with only 1 tattooist, to which they now boast 2 other flagship studio’s in Wylde Green and West Bromwich. They have a diverse team of over 14 artists, with plans to open 2-3 more within the next 2 years.

Leon Jennings, Partner of New Identity Tattoo Studio in Wylde Green, said: “We’re completely self made, starting small, with no financial backing we’re proud to have grown to become one of the West Midlands and the UK’s most respected studios.

We’ve done this by focusing on the customers and experience. Trying to make the process of getting a tattoo as special as possible. We have amazing artists that work with us making sure every customer goes home more than happy. This has allowed us to spread and build client bases in new areas quickly, purely through our artists work and word of mouth”

New Identity specialize in big pieces, custom tattoo’s, cover ups and reworks, aiming to bring peoples Ideas and designs to life.

They are also making there first venture into events in the summer with the upcoming ‘Cirque Du Tattoo Festival’ which claims to be the ‘Newest, weirdest, most extraordinary tattoo convention to hit the UK.’ The event will have 92 tattooists from all over the UK and Europe, entertainment such as the incredible Circus of Horrors, and 2000-3000 paying visitors hoping to experience something truly unique.

To get tickets follow the link:

And if your interested in getting yourself some ink at New Identity get in touch with them and quote BU10 for a 10% discount.