Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery are offering a unique exhibition experience tailored to people with learning disabilities and additional needs. Through the ‘Morning Explorer Session’ on 5th April anyone who may find a traditional exhibition experience uncomfortable are invited to visit the exhibition early in the morning before the general public. The museum describes the Morning Explorer Sessions as a ‘quieter visit’ where you can explore an exhibition with friends and family in a ‘quiet and welcoming environment’.

Tickets are free and available from the link at the bottom of this article. You are able to book by age with tickets for Adults (including over 60s), Children (3-15), and Under 3s. There are also tickets for Concessions which includes students and those with benefits.

The session for the Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing is on 5th April at 9 am. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore and connect with art in a relaxed environment free from the stresses that may normally hinder your appreciation of the works.

There are also large print copies of the exhibition and a family guide that can be viewed and downloaded beforehand at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery website.

Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing shows twelve of the master’s drawings to mark 500th anniversary of the death of the artist. The drawings come from the Royal Collection and this exhibition is one of twelve simultaneous exhibitions across the UK to celebrate da Vinci. These drawings have never visited Birmingham before so this is a fantastic opportunity to see some rarely viewed pieces of history.

The twelve drawings have been chosen to reflect the huge range of the artist’s interests – including painting, sculpture and architecture. As well as less artistic interests such as engineering, geology, and botany. The vast range of work on view is staggering and gives a dynamic and exciting portrait of da Vinci and his mind at work. This exhibition will appeal to everyone thanks to sheer range of interests da Vinci had!

Da Vinci is unusual as, though highly regarded by his peers as a painter, he only completed around twenty paintings. Similarly he was respected as a sculptor and architect, but none of these works survive. He had many fantastic ideas that failed to be realised including an intricate and ahead-of-its-time anatomy book that was never published, and multiple essays on mechanics that were never finished.

For these reasons, da Vinci’s drawings are our only way of seeing how his mind worked and how many interests and skills he had. da Vinci saw drawing as more persuasive than text, preferring to visualise his ideas than write them down. For this reason, these drawings seen in exhibition show da Vinci’s thought processes as he best wished to represent them. If you, or a loved one, also sees the world a bit differently this would be a brilliant exhibition to view!

Alongside the drawings the exhibition will also show contemporary drawing methods and instruments that would have been used by the artist. There is an exhibit offering new information about how da Vinci worked, researched using ultraviolet imagery, infrared reflectography and X-ray fluorescence. This would be a very interesting exhibition for someone with a scientific mind!

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