This will be the first time the National Sea Life Centre has closed in its twenty two year history. And although it will only shut for six days, the entire re-fit will run into next year, with no date confirmed.

The Brindley Place attraction will undergo extensive redevelopment, with it all kicking off between 5th – 11th November.  So it needn’t hinder those half-term plans!

The changes being made are yet to be disclosed, as this is a top secret operation. However, all will become clear in the not so distance future!

All of the creatures housed there will be continually monitored and cared for during this period. They will not be effected by the works.

Amy Langham, General Manager at the National Sea Life Centre ‘We’re always looking at new ways to excite our guests and evolve the attraction,’.

 ‘The remodelling will enable us to house new creatures in the future, some of which will never have been seen before in the UK. Further information is currently being kept secret, but stay tuned for exciting updates being announced in 2019.’

‘We’ve really grown over the past few years since the introduction of our famous penguins, and we know that this large scale build will provide brilliant new experiences for all of our guests, both new and returning.’

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(Image: Courtesy of Merlin)