It’s that time of year again…your loved one’s birthday is here and you’re stressing out about what to get them.

They might have said that they don’t want any gifts this year, and it seems like they already have everything they need, but you know they’re still worth the perfect gift.

Thanks to Prezzybox, they’ve taken all the stress out of coming up with the ultimate present idea, providing you with a bunch of unique gift ideas that your loved ones never even knew they needed!

For the crazy pet friend…

We all have that ONE friend whose pet comes before anyone or anything, so a pet-related gift is the perfect item to get them this birthday.

For dog lovers, this Pet Snack Launcher should bring hours of entertainment for both dog and owner.

Click here for pet snack launcher

If your friend never wants to leave home without a loving reminder of their pet, then these personalised Dog On Socks offer the perfect solution.

Click here for personalised dog socks

This whimsical ‘How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You’ book is sure to bring a smile to the face of any cat-lover, with a hilarious guide to protect themselves from their feline friend.

Click here for ‘How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you’

For the movie buff…

Does your friend think they’ve seen every movie known to man? How about putting that to the test with this 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster, listing 100 of the best movies ever made!

Click here for movie scratch-off poster

And to ensure they can watch their favourite films on-the-go; this Smart Phone Projector is the perfect way to project videos with an 8x magnifying lens.

Click here for the Smart Phone Projector

For the football fan…

He/she lives for football, so what better gift to give than a Personalised Football Team History Book? Simply personalise by inserting their favourite football team and the book will showcase all the major sports reports for that selected team!

Click here for Personalised Football Team History Book

You can then top it off with this Personalised Football On This Day Book.

Click here for Personalised Football On This Day Book

For the friend that needs some TLC…

If your loved one is in serious need of some relaxation time, then these gifts are ideal. This Vibrating Neck Massager soothes those muscle aches and pains that build up from stress and tension in the neck and shoulders.

Click here for the Vibrating Neck Massager

If they spend most of their time sitting at a desk, then this Heated Back And Seat Massager will do wonders!

Click here for the Heated Back And Seat Massager

And if they’re used to being on their feet all day, then this Duel Foot Massager should really hit the mark.

Click here for the Duel Foot Massager

For the adventurer…

Your friend loves to live their life to the fullest, so why not treat them to this 100 Things To Do Poster? Filled with fun, exciting activities, your friend or loved one can scratch each item off their list as they go.

Click here for the 100 Things To Do Poster

And if travelling is their thing, Prezzy Box has got a My Scratch Map too, so they can keep track of all the places they’ve been to and feel inspired to travel to the places they’ve always dreamed of visiting!

Click here for the My Scratch Map

For the wine connoisseur…

If your friend is a serious wine lover, then what’s better than a delicious Chilean wine that fits right in the letterbox?

Click here for the Chilean wine that fits right in the letterbox

And to enhance every bottle of wine, buy this Conundrum Wine Decanter – it maximises the flavour and smell of each wine…your loved one will thank you later!

Click here for the Conundrum Wine Decanter

For the one with the sweet tooth…

Know someone with the ultimate sweet tooth? Prezzy Box has got you sorted with a plethora of insane sweet and chocolate treats that you can personalise for any occasion!

For the sweetaholics out there, you can buy this Personalised Retro Taster Jar filled with some of the nation’s favourite sweets.

Click here for the Personalised Retro Taster Jar

Or go all out with this treasure chest of treats!

Click here for the Great British Retro Sweet Box

And if your friend has a special place in their heart for delectable chocolate, then why not treat them to this Personalised Milk Chocolate Smash Cup – with over one kilo of chocolate!

Click here for the Personalised Milk Chocolate Smash Cup

And whether it’s a Toblerone bar, Cadbury Heroes or Ferrero Rocher…all items can come personalised with your loved one’s name to make their favourite treat extra special.

Click here for the personalised Toblerone Bar

Click here for the personalised Cadburys box