There are a lot of devices on the market – like smartwatches and even your phone – which can provide you with a plethora of information that can help you measure your fitness levels, but in reality the information they provide is often superficial or not what you actualy want to know.

Fox Hollies, Wyndley or Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centres has a new Boditrax Bioelectric Impedance Analysis machine that passes an electric current through you to give a comprehensive breakdown of your body composition – muscle, fat and water.

To use the Boditrax all you have to do is stand on a metal station and hold two metal tubes. It then analyses your body composition and stores the results in an account that you can access from anywhere.

Non members are welcome so you don’t have to be a Birmingham Community Trust Leisure Centre member to use the Boditrax, but if you are you can claim your first session for free or upgrade and get unlimited use! Just visit one of the 3 centres with Boditrax installed.

Visit birmingham lesiure to find out more.