Long waiting times to book an appointment with your GP will soon be a thing of the past.

Birmingham and Solihull NHS are launching a new Health App that will allow you to check symptoms, book appointments and order repeat subscriptions via your smartphone.

The new system aims to create a more convenient service, offering self-care guides and 24/7 support directing you to the most appropriate local NHS service.

You will also be able to access your own medical records in real-time, allowing you to see test results without the need to call your GP. With no data being stored on your phone and two-factor authentication, your information remains private and safe.

The NHS Birmingham and Solihull Health App replaces all previous local apps such as MyHealthcare, Our Health Partnership, Smartcare and Patient Pack. The app is available on Apple iOS, Android or on the web. You can find out more and download/access it here: https://www.birminghamandsolihullhealthapp.com

Practices across Birmingham and Solihull are already live on the app, and more being added every day. So if your GP surgery isn’t currently available, don’t worry, it soon will be!

Are you already signed up and starting to use the app? Will this make a big difference to how you manage your healthcare? Let us know!

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