(Image: David Silitoe)

It is hard to believe that the era famed for raves, Britpop and the Spice Girls was almost thirty years ago. A pill even harder to swallow for those of us born in the late eighties and early nineties, who will be turning the big 3 0 this year or next.

Our best advice to you is age ain’t nothing but a number! And if those words of wisdom don’t help, we find the finest remedy for birthday blues is a good old dance to some classics!

Luckily, there are countless club nights in the coming months that will take you right back to your prime, no matter your age.

Back 2 The Old School: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Special.

Hare and Hounds.

15th Feb.

(Image: Steve Eichner)

Celebrating one of the most iconic albums of the late nineties at this uber-cool Kings Heath haunt is Back 2 The Old School. Not only will DJs play tracks from the classic R&B record, but they will fill the room with other amazing tunes from the genre they love best.

Enduring Hip-Hop bangers will also feature heavy during this unmissable night out!

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Le Freak: The Get Down Part 2 Disco Vs Hip Hop.

The Night Owl.

22nd Feb.

(Image: Harry Langdon)

This one is sure to attract music lovers with excellent taste. This night out at the Night Owl will see soulful 70’s & 80’s Disco play-off against the sounds of old-school Hip-Hop. Decide which one takes the crown… or don’t, and just enjoy an evening of reminiscing with friends.

If you’ve still got the moves get involved in The Get Down’s famous dance-off and be in with a chance of winning a prize.

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Fleetwood Mac Night.

The Old Crown.

15th March.

(Image: Divulgação)

Rumours suggest that this will be another awesome evening at Digbeth’s famous boozer. On a weekend of already lively goings-on, we have this Fleetwood Mac special! Fancy dress is encouraged in the form of top hats and cowboy boots.

Other artists’ hits on the night will include; Duran Duran, Bowie, Wham, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie and Earth, Wind and Fire. Get Paddy’s Day weekend off to a grand start!

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Blur V Oasis Party.


29th March.

(Image: David Silitoe)

A true war between North and South will rage at Snobs… Lucky for us, us Birmingham babs are slap bang in the middle, so we’ll just remain quiet and relish in a Friday evening that doesn’t revolve around coffee and TV for once!

Yes, the Britpop battle rages on… and although we’re unlikely to ever decide who ultimately takes the crown, especially all these years on, there is no harm in going mad for it once more and savouring a night of music from the two best indies bands to grace the planet.

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Chop Suey! Nu-Metal Anthems – Limp Bizkit Special.

The Asylum.

29th March.

(Image: John Kelly)

Although the nu-metal heyday seems not too much of a distinct memory, the early 2000s were almost twenty years ago. I know, remain calm! Or don’t and unleash some of that pent up fear and loathing by headbanging along to this bunch of raucous hits from your favourite guitar heroes.

Limp Bizkit are stars of this Chop Suey, but expect to hear the angsty sounds of Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine and Marylin Manson too.

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The Spice Girls Pizza and Prosecco Party.

The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen.

30th March.

(Image: Fiona Hanson)

We’ve given this one a mention before now, but we’re doing it again because it’s just too exciting to skip! The ultimate choice for nineties kids who are looking to celebrate this year! In fact, this evening dedicated to Posh, Scary, Ginger, Baby and Sporty will be so energetic and joyous you’ll feel like a child all over again.

Although promises of pizza, prosecco and spice hits do have us concerned that there may be such a thing as too much fun! Get the ibuprofen ready!

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