The Hollywood screenwriter responsible for successes such as Peaky Blinders, Locke and Dirty Pretty Things plans to fund the build of a significantly sized TV and film studio within the West Midlands.

The ambitious plan which will see the space house six sound stages is due for completion over the next two years and will be a promising advertisement for our part of the country. Important, at a time when those passionate about media are fighting hard to persuade Channel 4 to relocate here, following a request from government to move from London.

The BBC have showed interest in the build which may be enough to entice C4. That’s without mention of the Hollywood production companies, such as Paramount that Knight has been in talks with. Huge names commissioning their shows for production on our door step is guaranteed to do wonders for our region, really putting us on the map.

Although the specific location is yet to be officially confirmed. Rumours have been circulating that an area near the NEC has been considered, given its large space and easy access. Wherever the build takes place in our city or on its borders, this is more fantastic news regarding the healthy development to our county.