Do you miss the days when if someone asked you what you did last weekend you could say, ‘I went to a very cultural concert’ instead of ‘I stayed in and watched Cars 2 for the fifteenth time’? Would you like to invite your child to expand their horizons into classical music, whilst also not wanting them to be bored out of their skulls?

May I suggest Pixar in Concert coming to the Symphony Hall on 18th April?

Pixar in Concert is a fantastic event where memorable and loved scenes and songs from Pixar’s films are shown on the big screen accompanied by a live orchestra. This is a brand new version of the concert coming to only three cities in the UK – Brighton, London, and Birmingham!

This is a brilliant event for all the family. Even if you haven’t seen any of the films – how? – the music and scenes are so eponymous and have influenced so much pop culture that you are bound to recognise them. Pixar began making films in 1995 with Toy Story and the studio has made thirteen feature films in its history, all of which are in the fifty highest grossing animated films of all time. Pixar has also racked up eleven Academy Awards for their films which are beautifully animated and are lauded for their imaginative storytelling abilities.

The scenes will be shown on a high definition, giant screen with a live orchestra accompanying the scenes. This is a brilliant opportunity to hear these scores live with the full weight of a fantastic orchestra. This would be a brilliant way to introduce classical music to anyone, but particularly children. By inviting the children to see classical music as accessible and as part of beloved films, this event hopes to foster a love of music in children and encourage families to feel that orchestras aren’t stuffy, but fun and exciting!

This concert will feature award-winning music from Randy Newman, Michael Giacchino, and Thomas Newman – as well as many other composers. Films include: Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Ratatouille, A Bug’s Life, Wall – E, Cars, Cars 2, The Incredibles 2, Monsters Inc, Monsters University, Brave, Finding Dory, and Coco.

The event is on Thursday 18th April at 7.30 pm at Symphony Hall. Tickets begin at £32.50. There are limited free tickets for disabled visitors’ carers and wheelchair users’ helpers as per the venue’s access scheme. Please contact the venue for more information.

To buy tickets follow this link:

Symphony Hall
Broad Street
B1 2EA
[email protected]

0121 780 4949