Police, including officers from Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG), seized than £8 million of drugs, stolen and fake goods on the West Midlands motorways in a year as police crackdown on criminals trying to use them as escape routes for their illegal actions.

Officers from CMPG helped seized over £4m of drugs along with £500,000 of cash alone. Furthermore over £3.5m of counterfeit goods, stolen vehicles and plant machinery were recovered from the region’s motorway network.

The seizures were between March last year and February and almost 800 people were arrested for a range of offences from theft to possession of controlled drugs.

It forms part of a joint approach between a range of organisations including the National Crime Agency, HM Revenue and Customs and West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU).

Superintendent Dean Hatton, from West Midlands Roads Policing, said: “There is no hiding place for criminals and certainly not on the motorway network.

“We have officers routinely patrolling our key road links and will not hesitate to stop vehicles which fall under our suspicion.

“This was a substantial amount of stolen and illegal property which has been recovered and we won’t relent in our efforts around this.”

The Central Motorway Policing Group (CMPG) is made up of officers and staff from West Midlands Police and Staffordshire Police.