Are you secretly an artist, but is that artistic flare hidden deep down under layers of poor painting skills and embarrassment? Don’t hide that talent any longer! Pop up Painting is an event that proves everyone is an artist and everyone can paint! Whether you are looking for something to do with friends, family, or as a fun first date – this is the event for you.

Pop up Painting is coming to Purecraft Bar and Kitchen on 4th May for a relaxed afternoon painting session. Pop Up Painting is an art class like no other. All that is required from you is a wish to be creative and get stuck in – there is no experience necessary! The event is a light-hearted celebration of creativity for adults. With a paintbrush in one hand and a wineglass in the other, you’ll be making a masterpiece in no time!

This event is themed around Irises by Monet. Claude Monet was an impressionist painter who lived from 1840-1926. He was the leading French impressionist landscape painter with one of his paintings coining the term Impressionism. Monet is best known for painting movement and light. Irises was painted later in life between 1914-1917.

Impressionism is used to describe paintings that were made rapidly in front of their subjects, rather than in a carefully planned studio environment, with a focus on painting light using broken or flickering brushstrokes. This is a fantastic theme for Pop Up Painting as Impressionism encourages freedom and discourages a traditional, stuffy attitude towards creating art.

Pop Up Painting began in 2013 with a mission to bring art out of the classroom and galleries and into places people meet on an everyday basis. They want to make art accessible to everyone. Each event is run by a practising artist who guides you through your paintings and offers advice. During the event you will have all materials provided – including an apron, should you become a bit too enthusiastic with either your wine or the paint! There is a bar providing drinks and food and a themed playlist to give an immersive experience.

You do not need to be good at painting! Pop Up Painting has worked with over 15,000 guests since 2013 and the vast majority have not been artists. All you need is your imagination! Once you’ve completed your painting you can share it on Instagram with #popuppainting – the team loves seeing your finished works!

Tickets are priced at £28.99. Please check with the venue if you wish to bring under 18s with you.