Rail passengers in the West Midlands are being advised to check their journeys before they travel when a new timetable is introduced this weekend.

The new timetable comes into force on Sunday 15 December. The revised timetable is aimed at improving the reliability of services across the region, the company said.

Whilst the changes will benefit rail users, there may be alterations and changes to stopping patterns for existing West Midlands Railway services. Passengers preparing for their Monday morning commutes should check ahead of time, in case of any change to their usual travel plans.

In October, figures published by Network Rail revealed one in five West Midlands Railway trains failed to arrive on time. The company said the revised timetable they introduced in May this year had proved too complicated and was largely to blame for the delays.

Speaking to Birmingham Updates about the new timetable, one passenger who uses the Cross-City Line said: “I expect my train to be delayed in the morning but I’m hopeful the new timetable will fix a majority of the problems, they have had long enough to analyse the data and see where they can make changes to improve the service.”

Richard Brooks, head of customer experience at West Midlands Railway, said: “The new timetable we introduced in May brought in new journey opportunities and extra capacity, but also introduced a level of complexity which seriously affected reliability.

“We know things need to improve and these upcoming changes will provide a more reliable service for passengers across the West Midlands. However, many commuters are creatures of habit, so we’re advising people to check their travel plans carefully, before heading out to work on Monday morning.”

Passengers can check their journeys by visiting www.westmidlandsrailway.co.uk/travel-information/timetables