Resorts World has created a dedicated space for everyone at the destination to take a moment and relax.

Relaunching on 21st September, ‘Zen Zone’ has been created in partnership with yoga guru, The Gentle Rebel who will host weekly yoga classes and weekly morning meditation classes, designed to decrease stress, anxiety and increase productivity throughout the working day.

Zen Zone was originally designed as a pop-up during Mental Health Awareness Week back in May but will be making a permanent comeback thanks to the positive feedback from visitors. The space will be open daily between 11am and 6pm and will also available for private hire by local groups or businesses looking for a space for wellbeing activities.

Resorts World’s latest creation comes amidst growing statistics warning of the rise in poor mental health. According to 2019’s Global Wellness Summit Report, “globally, one in six people now has at least one mental or substance abuse disorder (over 1.1 billion people)—with anxiety disorder ranking #1” and “in the UK, 67 percent of people report that they’re more stressed than they were five years ago.”

The call for meditation around the working day also follows the growing boom in the practice to counter everyday stress and anxiety, as well as boosting workplace productivity.

“Around £1.7 billion is currently lost in output and productivity by employees in our region as a direct result of poor workplace wellbeing,” according to the West Midlands Combined Authority’s recent Thrive at Work Wellbeing Survey.

Ian Bennett, Operations Director for Resorts World, supports the space: “Resorts World’s key mission is for our spaces and experiences to create awesome lasting impressions. The initial impact of the Zen Zone during its May pop-up blew us away. Its return secures a space for everyone at Resorts World to enjoy a space for calm during their leisure time or their everyday working environment.”

Following the relaunch, Resorts World will also be marking World Heart Day (29/09) with free one-hour meditation classes in the Zen Zone, designed to relieve the heart of undue stress and encourage full relaxation. These will take place at 1pm, 2.30pm and 4pm throughout the day.

For further information on the Zen Zone and its related activities, visit