The National Sea Life Centre is set to open a state-of-the-art marine rescue facility next month (April 2019), following a multi-million-pound investment and extensive remodelling.

Rescued mammals will take up residency in the newly engineered environment which will span 2 floors of the attraction, under the watch and care of a trained specialist welfare team.

The new facility, which will be accessible to the public, has been carefully designed and constructed to emulate the natural ocean habitat mammals are accustomed to. Additionally, atmospheric effects in the state-of-the-art themed area, such as smell and temperatures will aid in creating a replica environment to enhance the guest experience.

With multiple touch points and observation decks from land and sea, the live working rescue facility serves a dual purpose in also becoming a tactile viewing encounter where visitors can be educated and immerse themselves in the underwater world.

It is not yet known what species will be homed in the new facility, but centre bosses have confirmed a number of conversations and considerations are firmly underway with news on the first residents due imminently.

Amy Langham, General Manager at the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham said:

“We’re really proud and passionate about the new facility and the investment ploughed into the development is testament to the core values of the business. 

 “With the current global environmental situation, animals need support now more than ever to protect their welfare, and the opening of our new facility will allow us to support those in need with expert care. 

 “This investment and commitment will not only have a positive impact on the welfare of these creatures, but allow guests to interact, engage and become educated in their welfare, and indeed the wider environmental issues of our planet, as part of the new experience.”

The well-known aquarium in Brindleyplace closed for six days at the end of last year, the first time in its history, to accommodate major infrastructure work in the redevelopment; but until now, the build remained a closely guarded secret.

The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham is already home to over 2000 creatures, many which have been rescued or successfully bred as part of the global SEA LIFE breeding initiatives.

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