This is Antony, the official #aroundtheworldin80universites blogger and founder of the UK’s International Education Week – proving to us all that pushing your boundaries and getting outside of your comfort zone can be wildly exhilarating and truly memorable.

…And we think it’s about time that students in the UK are offered the same chance. Study abroad is an exciting ‘next step’. A real possibility, that offers unforgettable experiences.

It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone, to explore different cultures and countries – all whilst getting your degree. Although, most importantly it brings international work and business opportunities right to your doorstep!

Don’t fall into the trap of doing what you’ve always done when it comes to your career options. Looking at your local college, sixth-form, or a UK university is a safe thing to do, but there are other options out there. Don’t limit your choices!

If you think your child would find study abroad an exciting, enriching and rewarding adventure then get down to the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Birmingham this Wednesday between 4pm-7pm, and chat to international universities that are visiting to discuss their courses and options.

Founder Antony Adams (who’s also a highly qualified careers adviser) will be there too, offering exclusive advice and tips and sharing his incredible experiences and first-hand knowledge of many top universities.

Antony has personally visited and reviewed the following universities and would be thrilled to talk to you and your child about his experiences:





Medical universities in Bulgaria

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