Many of you will be snowed in for much of the weekend, what with the Beast from the East and Storm Emma having a good laugh at us all. For those of you braving the conditions, hats off to you. But for those, who have taken one look outside and closed the curtains, we have a list of films for you to escape the wintry scenes with.

For the kids…

Fantastic Mr Fox

Unfortunately, some children didn’t get chance to celebrate World Book Day at school, thanks to the bitter weather, so whilst watching a film adaptation may not be good as the real thing, it is great to curl up in the warmth, safe away from the storm.

Mr Fox raids his neighbouring farm, putting the lives of his family and fellow animals at risk. He has to come up with a plan to defeat the angry farmers he riled.

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(Image: Disney)

In keep with the frosty theme, Frozen is the ultimate choice. An absolute favourite with little kiddies everywhere. They can sing their hearts with Elsa and the gang for a few hours to forget the boredom of being stuck inside.

Queen Elsa accidentally subjects her home to an infinite winter. Her sister teams up with a mountain man, snowman and reindeer to reverse the curse.

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Happy Feet

(Image: Warner Bros)

Another film that will put our icy surroundings to shame. If singing isn’t their thing, kiddies with a passion for dance will adore this funny flick. Mumble is absolutely adorable. Definitely melting hearts, just not the snow, unfortunately!

Mumble is born unable to hold a note, in a world where his fellow penguins find soul-mates according to their singing ability. However, the little guy can certainly dance, hence the nickname Happy Feet!

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 For the Adults…

The World’s End

(Image: Focus Features)

To put things into perspective watch Simon Pegg in ‘The World’s End’. It may be mighty cold outside but it’s certainly not the apocalypse. This is the last in the trilogy of the ‘Cornetto’ series, but we’re guessing you won’t fancy digging into the ice cream whilst you watch.

Friends reuniting for a pub crawl end up having to save the world. Not what you want from a night out!

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(Image: Warner Bros)

Inception is a great choice for a snow day as you can spend as much time figuring it out as you did watching the two and a half hour film. An all-star cast including Leo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy and more make for a suspenseful watch.

A thief who steals corporate secrets through dream-sharing tech is enlisted to plant an idea in the head of a CEO.

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(Image: Paramount)

This one will take you away to warmer temps. Set in Florida, the film adaptation of the iconic TV series starring Zac Efron and The Rock will certainly get some hot under the collar. Two beasts from the east (coast) indeed!

Popular Lifeguard (The Rock) has to team up with cocky newbie (Efron) to defeat a coast dwelling drug-dealer.

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