You’ve earned your spot on the sofa, watching films and relaxing, with a pile of leftovers to make your way through. They have to be gone for all of that healthy eating you’ll be nailing come 2019, after all!

Here are some of the best films on TV over Christmas, for you to enjoy whilst cosying up with family and friends. No subscriptions needed!

Christmas Eve

Monsters University – BBC 1 – 1.20pm – U

Image: Disney / Pixar

The prequel to the famous Monsters Inc film which follows Mike and Sully relationship at University. The two students work together to complete a course on scaring children.


Mary Poppins – BBC 1 – 5pm – U

Image: Disney

An iconic film originally released in 1964 featuring Mary Poppins – no ordinary nanny! Using her magical powers for good, she brings fun and laugher into the lives of two children.


Miracle on 34th Street – C4 – 6pm – U

Image: 20th Century Fox

Mara Wilson stars in this heart-warming tale, which sees the six-year-old be-friend Santa Claus himself, and attempts to prove the rest of the world, he really does exist!


Christmas Day

Arthur Christmas – C4 – 1.45pm – U

Image: Sony Pictures

An adorable film that sees Santa’s son attempt to get a present out to a little girl who had initially been left off that all important list!

The Jungle Book – BBC 1 – 3.10pm – PG

Image: Disney

A re-make of the Rudyard Kipling story. A small boy named Mowgli tries to escape a tiger who has it in for him, with the help of friends Bagheera – the panther and Baloo – the bear.

Jurassic World – ITV 2 – 7.45pm – 12

Image: Universal

Another imaginative tale about angry animals is Jurassic World! A park with engineered dinosaurs create a species that have a taste for tourists.


Boxing Day

The Witches – ITV – 11.05am – PG

Image: Warner Bros

Written, originally by children’s author Roald Dahl, The Witches is a dark, yet delightful watch. A boy stumbles upon a convention for witches from across the globe and attempts to warn the public of their evil presence.

Trolls – BBC 1 – 3.50pm – U

Image: Dreamworks

A tale of two trolls who seek to rescue their fellow members who have been cruelly captured. The Prince of pop Justin Timberlake is the main voiceover for this clever animation.

THE BFG – BBC 1 – 5.40pm – PG

Image: Disney

Roald Dahl seems to be a running theme on Boxing Day, with the TV premiere of the 2016 re-make of The BFG airing in the early evening. A kind giant be-friends a little girl and whisks are away to a magical island, where there friendship flourishes.


27th December

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – BBC 1 – 1.30pm – 12

Image: Paramount

Adventurers assemble, this is one for you. Starring Harrison Ford as an archaeologist who is searching for sacred stones that have fallen into bad hands. The ultimate action movie!


Kung Fu Panda 3 – BBC 1 – 4.20pm – PG

Image: Dreamworks

The most popular panda returns and is reunited with his pops in the third instalment of the series. Follow him as he attempts to share his wisdom with a village of fellow pandas!


Skyfall – ITV – 8pm – 12

Image: Sony

It’s not Christmas without a little (or a lot!) of Bond on the box. Daniel Craig is 007 and is tasked with hunting down a terrorist who seeks carnage at MI6.


28th December

Emma – BBC 1 – 12.30pm – U  

Image: Mirimax

A cute flick with familiar faces  Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor taking lead roles. A drama that sees a young women who likes to play cupid between friends, fall in love herself.


Sunshine on Leith – C4- 2.35pm – PG

Image: Black Camel

An incredibly unique musical can be found in Sunshine on Leith. The film follows two soldiers back from Afghanistan, who are struggling to adapt to life back home.


Wreck it Ralph – BBC 1 – 4.10pm

Image: Disney

A villain from a video game finds a way into other worlds as he strives to be viewed a hero, after a lifetime of vilification. Unfortunately his actions cause havoc at home! Another Walt Disney triumph.


29th December

Bean – C5 – 9.45am – PG

Image: Working Title

For nostalgia’s sake this has to be put in the planner! Rowan Atkinson is Mr Bean in this feature length film. The comedic character is made responsible for taking a valuable painting across the pond to an LA museum… and well, it doesn’t go quite to plan!


Hugo – C4 – 2.10pm – U

Image: Paramount

An emotive and whimsical film to settle down to on a Saturday. An orphan, living in the grounds of a Paris train station uncovers mystery surrounding a local shopkeeper’s past.


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – C4 – 9pm – 15

Image: Paramount

Maybe one for when the kids are in bed. The comedy sequel to Anchorman is as funny as the first! Newsreader Ron Burgundy, played superbly by Will Ferrell, becomes the star of a 24 hour channel.


30th December


ET – C5 – 2.40pm – U

Image: Universal

This one needs no introduction, we’re sure! A poignant film to show the younger generation over Christmas, just make sure the tissue box is replenished. A small boy develops a strong friendship with an alien trying to find his way back home.


Edward Scissorhands – C4 – 3.30pm – PG

Image: 20th Century Fox

New Years Eve’s Eve is brimming with classics as you can tell. Edward Scissorhands is one of Tim Burton’s most fascinating flicks, with Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp taking centre stage. A man-made creation with scissor-like hands heads to the suburbs to be-friend folk.


Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens – ITV – 8pm – 12

Image: Disney

One of the more recent editions from one of the most well-known film franchises on the planet! A sci-fi spectacular that sees scavenger Rey search for the missing Luke Skywalker.


New Year’s Eve

 Dirty Dancing – C5 – 2.15pm – 12

Image: Lionsgate

You’ll have the time of your life watching this 1987 chic flick. This romantic story sees Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey play two youngsters crazy about dance and each other.


Big Hero 6 – BBC 1 – 2.40pm – PG

Image: Disney

An orphan boy strikes up an unlikely friendship with the cutest inflatable robot! This tear-jerker is a great film to watch, with many important life lessons exposed along the way.


Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie: – BBC 1 – 9pm – 15

Image: BBC

Fashionistas Patsy and Edina are causing havoc once again in the film adaption of the classic British comedy. The two find themselves completely vilified by the fashion community following an unfortunate event.


New Year’s Day

 The Railway Children – BBC 1 – 1pm – U

Image: StudioCanal

This period drama follows three children who are forced to move from London to Yorkshire after their father is wrongfully jailed after being found guilty of a crime he did not commit.

Inside Out – BBC 1 – 5pm – U

Image: Disney/Pixar

The team behind a little girl’s emotions find themselves desperately trying to re-adjust as she moves to a new city. This is an emotional education for children and adults, alike.

The Revenant – BBC 2 – 10pm – 15

Image: 20th Century Fox

Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy are magnificent in The Revenant. A frontiersman is left for dead by his hunting group after things turn sour on a fur trading expedition back in the early 1800’s. A fight for survival ensues.