Get ready for the inaugural Birmingham Scare Gardens, a brand new Halloween experience happening from Friday 26th October to Sunday 4th November. Dr Nerium welcomes you to his terrifying gardens for an evening of scares and thrills. Taking place in the Botanical Gardens, you simply cannot miss this petrifying and adrenaline-inducing experience.

Dr Nerium can’t wait to welcome you to his gardens. You will have the chance to witness the aftermath of years and years of his scientific experiments which have taken place in the gardens. The accumulation of his experiments has created an exquisite collection of treasures, although some may disagree!

If you make it out of the scaremaze, you will arrive at the entertainment area, including: street food traders, bars, performers, music and additional circus-themed entertainment – there is something for the whole family! Both late and early time slots are available, making the event suitable for the whole family and for all ages.

Dr Nerium’s experiments started back in 1842, when Dr Nerium brought back his first carnivorous flower from the base of the Peruvian Andes. Attempts at crossbreeding it with other findings led to the genesis of fantastical creatures one can only describe as ‘unique’.

As time has passed, some of these experiments have produced truly terrifying results. Some of which Dr Nerium has been unable to keep confined within his lab because of their rapidly-growing enormity and they have spread throughout the gardens. Many curious individuals have entered to look at these weird and wonderful creations, but only very few have returned. What has happened to them?

If you dare to venture into the unknown then meet Dr Nerium and witness his freaky gardens for yourself. Beware of the watching eyes, gawp at the Wicker Man cultists and cover your ears to avoid the peril of the lagoon queen’s voice. Will you make it out alive? You’ll simply have to find out for yourself this Halloween.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a 15 acre botanical gardens and educational charity situated in the heart of Edgbaston, Birmingham. As well as hosting family-friendly, music and fundraising events, the family-friendly attraction has four glasshouses, an aviary, wildlife trails and a seasonal butterfly house. 

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