The Vintage Kilo Sale is coming to The Custard Factory on Saturday 13th July. The Vintage Kilo Sale is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its partnership with Glass Onion Vintage – Europe’s largest vintage wholesaler!

The clothing sale lets you pick from thousands of retro, vintage and branded items from the 70s to early 00s and pay for them by weight! Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in to find some fabulous looks and save ££s. There is no minimum spend, meaning you can buy a light blouse for as little as 50p! A kilo of clothing is £15 meaning you can buy yourself a whole look for the price of a t-shirt!

Vintage clothing is a great way to shop environmentally friendly, whilst also allowing for the whims of fashion. An antidote to fast fashion for fast fashion devotees the vintage kilo sale allows you to buy lots of cheap clothes without any environmental guilt! You can try on lots of styles without breaking the bank, and show up for the planet at the same time.

The sale team brings you six tonnes of stock sorted into the type of garment, e.g. jumpers, jeans etc. They have everything from simple retro ts and denim jackets, to dresses and statement looks. The event has a 50/50 split for menswear and womenswear ensuring a vast variety of clothes to choose from.

Payment is easy with the event accepting cash, card and apple pay. Clothes are weighed at the till in front of you so you can be sure you are paying for the exact weight.

This is an affordable and fun way to shop vintage with lots of choices and exciting finds to be sought out. Some of the pieces may need a new button or two but don’t let that worry you as alterations are easy to make and will still be a fraction of the cost of buying the garment new or at a regular vintage store.

Grab tickets to reserve a Super Earlybird access where you can access the event from 10 am. Earlybird access can be bought on the door for £3 and allows you to enter the event at 11 am, and General access allows you in for £1.50 from 12 pm.

If you are a fan of older vintage/retro (40s, 50s, early 60s) then those items will not be at this sale, but Vintage Kilo Sale’s sister brand Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair offers those earlier decades so do follow up with them if you have a preference.

The event is family friendly and they welcome people of all ages. However, the event can be busy in the first hour, so people with smaller children and buggies may wish to come to the event later in the day. All children under 12 go free.

To enter the event you get a stamp on arrival. This means you can re-enter the event as many times as you like. So if you get too tired and need to refresh over lunch, you can head back in after you have refuelled.

The Vintage Kilo Sale aims to be as eco-friendly as possible and so asks that customers bring their own bags to the event (BYOB!). They will have biodegradable bags at the event for 5p if you end up buying more than you can carry! They are very happy to answer any questions regarding accessibility or visiting the event simply contact them via their Facebook page at