Even though Santa is super busy this time of year, he still responds to millions of letters from children and adults all around the world.

Thankfully there are three easy ways to get your letter over to Santa in time for Christmas!

1Royal Mail

Royal Mail and their dedicated team of elves have been delivering letters to Santa in the North Pole since 1963.

Santa is responding to letters sent through via Royal Mail in between sleigh test runs and preparing his list of who’s been good this year.

Letters can be sent to:

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

Please ensure you post your letter before Friday 6th December and write Santa’s address carefully on the envelope, and that you put a stamp on the envelope so it will get to him. Please be sure that you include your full name and address in your letter.

2Royal National Institute of Blind People

Santa receives millions of letters from children from all around the world every year and works hard to respond to every single one – but he knows that often children with vision impairment are not able to read his reply.

If you know a child with a vision impairment who would love to receive a letter from Santa then please send their Christmas letter to Santa Claus, RNIB, Midgate House, Midgate, Peterborough PE1 1TN by Monday 2 December.

Alternatively, you can email santa@rnib.org.uk by Friday 20 December for an email with a large-print attachment. Make sure to include the child’s name age, postal address, contact number and which format they need.

3Portable North Pole

Thanks to the internet and the Portable North Pole, Santa is able to send messages to children and adults online. More than 200 million messages have been sent from Santa on the site since his team of tech-elves opened the website in 2008.

You can receive messages from Santa from through their website from Sunday 24 November at www.portablenorthpole.com or use their mobile apps which are available on Android and iOS.