Figures from the GMB Union reveal more than 1,750 police staff jobs have been lost across the West Midlands since 2010.

The figures include a cut of 506 Police Community Support Officer roles (PCSOs).

Police staff jobs cover a wide range of roles including 999 call handlers, PCSOs, scene of crime investigators, custody officers and technical and administrative support jobs.

The figures are on top of cuts to police officer numbers.

Rachel Harrison, GMB National Officer, said: “These cuts are an absolute disgrace – not content with taking more than 20,000 police officers off our streets, under the Conservatives more than 1,750 staff roles have been slashed across the West Midlands too.

“GMB members undertake essential jobs – police forces could not function without out them but cuts are forcing the service to breaking point.

“The Tories talk tough on crime but in reality they’ve spent the last decade denying police forces the resources they need to keep the public safe.

“They have put lives at risk every day.

“Only Labour can be trusted to put police back on our streets and provide the staff needed to maintain law and order.”

GMB analysis of Home Office headcount police workforce open data tables data.

Talking about the figures, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson told Birmingham Updates: “The GMB are absolutely correct. Police staff undertake a wide variety of police roles, from answering emergency 999 calls to examining forensic information. Quite simply without dedicated police staff and PCSOs West Midlands Police could not function.

“The government needs to support staff recruitment, as well as officer recruitment. Unfortunately this government will do neither for West Midlands Police. Earlier this week the Chancellor Sajid Javid refused to confirm that West Midlands Police would receive the funding we need for the over 2,000 officers we’ve lost since 2010. The government hasn’t even mentioned police staff.”

West Midlands Police has had over £175 million stripped from its budget since 2010, this has resulted in a loss of over 2,000 police officer roles.

In October 2019 the Home Office announced West Midlands Police had been allocated 366 (6.1%) out of the initial tranche of 6,000 officers. The new jobs are part of a Government promise which will hopefully see 20,000 extra officers on our streets over the next three years. Based on the first year’s allocation the force is expecting 1,220 out of the total 20,000 officers.