University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) and Heart of England (HEFT) Foundation Trusts have announced today (05/08) that they are going to work together to create a single NHS Hospital Trust.

The Chief Executive of both trusts, Dame Julie Moore, said: “We have agreed that the current arrangements are not sustainable. If we are to continue working together to maximise clinical benefits for patients, we need to implement a transformation that will deliver better access to better quality services for patients, supported by the most effective structure.

Patients are not getting that at the moment despite the tireless work of staff across both trusts. We need our hospitals and services focussed on doing the best for patients, not protecting their organisational boundaries.

The single Trust will pool the best talent and leadership from both organisations. We will make the best use of the finite resources available.

The work undertaken between the two Trusts has so far provided greater sustainability and certainty for patients, the public and the health economy in the long term. The single organisation will build on this.”