If you’re looking for a fresh pair of specks, you need to head down to Spectacle Emporium in Kings Heath. The Spectacle Emporium is by no means your average opticians, it is filled with hidden treasures and quirky frames, all hand-picked with care and passion by the charismatic shop-owner, Janan. 

After having just celebrated its two year anniversary, the Spectacle Emporium has looked back over a fantastic two years of selling unique and luxury quality eyewear.

Janan carefully selects every frame he sells, each one containing its own unique story and importance to the shop-owner. Premium quality and customer care is the real ethos of this boutique opticians.

Janan said, “When I first came to Birmingham I looked around all of the opticians in the West Midlands to look at what people were selling and I wasn’t excited about anything.

“At Spectacle Emporium we do things differently. We don’t have generic racks of frames up the wall and we don’t have cliche shelves because it is my job to help the client discover exactly the kind of frame he is looking for. It’s a journey, and we are here to guide people find their perfect pair of glasses.

“Our philosophy is that we want people to know what a good pair of glasses can look and feel like; even by just rubbing your fingers across a pair of glasses, you can distinguish something that is really well made from something that is mass produced.

“We hand-pick all of our glasses. We go to trade shows and have fun going to unique places. We seek out the smaller stalls tucked away in the corners because that is where you can find the really special collections, the hidden gems. When we have a connection with a pair of glasses, that’s when we bring them to our store in Birmingham.”

Over the course of the next month, in celebration of the two year anniversary, the Spectacle Emporium is offering £10 off your first pair of eyewear, as well as an extra 10% off with the MyBull Keyring. For more information click here: https://www.birminghamupdates.com/mybull 

Spectacle Emporium- Kings Heath News, 2 High St, Birmingham B14 7SW