Is there anything more refreshing than mouth-watering ice cream to cool you down on a scorching hot day? We think not. Thankfully, Birmingham offers some of the best ice cream about, which is why we’ve rounded up a few of the must-visit spots.


The idea for Pan-n-Ice originated from a bag packing trip in Thailand, where co-founders Rob and Henry stumbled across a whole new way of serving ice cream. They took their concept back to the UK and the rest is history! You can now enjoy this revolutionary ice cream at Selfridges Birmingham.

Pirlo’s Dessert Lounge

You’re really spoilt for choice at Pirlo’s Dessert Lounge, Coventry Street. Decadent desserts, generous ice cream options, toppings and sauces are just some of what you can expect, along with a new vegan gelato flavour every week! The lounge also boasts impressive egg-free and gluten-free dessert options.

And if you’re really looking to treat yourself, check out their choice of afternoon teas!

Joe Delucci’s Gelato

Italian ice cream at its finest! Using fresh and natural ingredients, this delicious ice cream comes free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. And you can also enjoy it in fat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free forms.

Head to the Bullring for a scoop to try it out for yourself!

Jam Jar Desserts

If you’ve got a serious ice cream craving then it’s worth taking a trip to Jam Jar Desserts on Coventry Road. Not only do they offer an impressive array of gelato ice creams, toppings and sauces, but you can also treat yourself to a selection of crêpes, sundaes, cookie dough, shakes, mocktails and hot drinks. Not forgetting their signature jam jars, of course!

Sundaes Gelato

It’s not just the incredible selection of ice cream here that will draw you back for more, but also the plethora of items to complement it! Top yours with fresh fruit, add a delicious crêpe or go all out and indulge in a sundae – the Ferrero Rocher sundae if you’re doing it right!

Head to Corporation Street for your fill!