Did you know 39 billion litres of beer containing alcohol were produced in the EU last year? The equivalent to around 76 litres per person!

In addition, over 1 billion litres of beer containing 0.5% or no alcohol was also produced.

International Beer Day is a global celebration of beer, taking place in breweries and pubs all over the world. The perfect day for beer lovers and enthusiasts everywhere to raise a toast to our brewers and pub staff and rejoice in the greatness of beer!

Facts – Top beer producers in the EU

Two-thirds of the beer containing alcohol produced in the EU came from six Member States. Germany was the top producer in 2018 with a production of 8.3 billion litres (or 21% of the EU total production). In other words, about one in every five beers containing alcohol produced in the EU originated from Germany.

Germany was followed by the United Kingdom (4.5 billion litres produced, or 12%), Poland (4.0 bn litres, or 10%), Spain (3.6 bn litres, or 9%), the Netherlands (2.4 bn litres, or 6%) and Belgium (2.4 bn litres, or 6%).

Compared with 2017, Italy recorded the largest increase in the production of beer containing alcohol (21%), followed by Hungary (11%) and Czechia (6%).

In contrast, the production of beer in the United Kingdom fell by 20%, in both Austria and Slovakia by 10%, and in the Netherlands by 9%.

Facts – Independent brewers

Gold, Pale and Bitter Brummie from Birmingham Brewing Company in Stirchley

Research by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) released in March showed British independent brewers are brewing more beer than they were a year ago, a moderate 0.8% increase continuing the growth experienced in previous years. On top of this 890 jobs are expected to be created by small independent brewers in 2019.

Consumers are also drinking less alcohol less often, but drinking better, as they increasingly choose quality products such as local craft over mainstream beers.

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