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It is the late 1960’s and news is just in that the Kray twins have been the victims of a double-murder. With your help Superintendent ‘Nipper’ Read aims to seek out the guilty party. Que a fun-day of clue-solving in the city!

The action will be unfolding in the centre on 7th July. For only £30 you are able to secure your team’s space and enjoy the thrill of hunting down the murderer of the world-famed gangsters. You will be tracking down virtual witnesses, eliminating suspects and solving challenges across the city’s streets.

This is the world’s first virtual murder mystery company and their game has gained plenty of accolades for its superbly orchestrated entertainment. Definitely worth a go if you fancy yourself as a bit of a detective. Surely it beats staying in, watching your favourite crime-drama on Netflix and screaming the twist to a screen with no reward?

Additionally, prizes will be awarded on the day for those who perform best! Awards for fastest team, best team name and best fancy dress are all up for grabs, so we suggest really throwing yourself into the theme!

Be quick to book tickets as they are close to selling out! Make sure to read your secret instructions carefully and ensure you are equipped with everything you need. We wish you the very best of luck in finding the culprit!

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