(Image: Midlands Arts Centre)

The Dirty Vegan pop-up evening will be making its first ever appearance on 27th July and plant-based food fans are urged to ditch the diet for one night and enjoy filthy favourites at the Midlands Art Centre with a fabulous package to be had.

For just £17.50 you’ll receive:

  • A classic dirty vegan burger.
  • Unlimited fries to load up with naughty toppings – including pulled BBQ jackfruit, jalapeños, shitake mushroom bacon bits and many more.
  • A glass of wine or bottled beer from the pop-up.
  • An evening of live music.

There’ll be plenty more junk food delights across the night including drinks (alcoholic & soft), decedent desserts and freak shakes packed with sweet treats galore.

We’d say this is a perfect opportunity to bring along those meat eating friends of yours, to prove that opting for veganism isn’t as boring as its often portrayed.

This is not to be missed for those who miss that little bit of grease in their life. We all need a break from saintliness sometimes!

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