I know, we’ve already been spoilt and it may be hard to believe but Birmingham’s food scene is expanding yet again and we can’t believe our luck! So many restaurants, so little time! Here are some of the best of an amazing bunch, so you can get those priorities in order. Something to suit all taste buds can be found on the list below, so make sure you secure a seat at the table ASAP.

Rebel Chicken

We are so ready for this one! The wait is almost over as these guys will be opening officially next weekend from the 1st June, with a soft launch going ahead over the Bank Holiday too! Their fresh and flavourful chicken promises a succulence you won’t get elsewhere in the city! Rebel Chicken is going to be a place for the cool kids, that’s for sure. Based in the artsy Jewellery Quarter, boasting plenty of craft beers, a cocktail bar and a pretty little garden, ready to house 120 heads. We can see this fast becoming a regular for city dwellers. Seriously, so ready!


(Image: Courtesy of Opheem)

Opheem is a forward-thinking Indian restaurant headed by Aktar Islam, the former chef director of the Lasan group. Known the city and beyond for their innovative style and ideas. Based where Mechu used to lie, this gastronomic triumph is thee place for a special occasion, or a long-awaited date-night. Try the Laal Maans Rajasthan, a lamb dish inspired by Aktar’s winning course on Gordon Ramsay’s the F Word. This place has been receiving rave reviews already, as expected! Book in when you can!

Holy Moly Macaroni

(Image: Courtesy of Holy Moly Macaroni)

Bringing proper mac back to Birmingham is the ultimate mission here. A huge passion for American cuisine drives the Holy Moly team, who will be bringing first-hand flavours from across the pond to visitors at their Grand Central site. Another street-food vendor bathing in success and gaining a concrete residence is fantastic to see. The gooey comfort food will come with plenty toppings. Gluten and vegan friendly options are also available to customers, who don’t want to miss out on the fun! Other dishes, including fried chicken and ribs will also be up for the taking.

Damascena Harborne

(Image: Drew Craythorne)

Ok, this isn’t entirely new, but it is the newest addition to the Damascena group and if the others are anything to go by, the Harborne branch is going to be spectacular. Anyone who has visited before will adore this new offering in the leafy suburb. The Syrian flavours are both intense and moreish with a host of dishes fit to please vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters, alike. Their Chicken Shawarma is a great pick-me-up at lunch-time for those who are likely to find themselves in or near the area.

Baked in Brick

(Image: Courtesy of Baked in Brick)

Although not quite ready for us yet, Baked in Brick will be swinging open the doors to hungry crowds in June. Often hailed the street-food heroes of Birmingham, it comes as no surprise that it has been music to the ears of food fans to hear that these guys will be opening up near the centre. Crispy, cheesy pizzas are likely to be star of the show! But here is hoping that their juicy tandoori chicken wrap makes an appearance on the menu too!