Buckle up your seatbelt and get in the DeLorean – where we going we don’t need roads!

Back to the Future in concert is coming to the Symphony Hall Birmingham on Tuesday 16th April. This event looks to be spectacular offering a big screen version of the film accompanied by a live orchestra playing the film’s score, written by award-winning composer Alan Silvestri.

Back to the Future is an iconic film and a brilliant choice for this fantastic event. The film Future topped the 1985 box office chart, spawned two hugely successful sequels and is constantly quoted throughout pop culture.

Image: Franck V

In the film Marty McFly (Michael J.Fox) is transported back in time to 1955 with the help of a DeLorean, revamped by his strange friend Doc (Chritopher Lloyd). Marty bumps into his parents (Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson) and tries to jumpstart their romance (with mixed results),  attempts to rescue Doc, and tries to solve a world plutonium crisis all while hoping to ensure his own future is secured!

This is a coming of age story that is fun for the whole family! The experience will be stunning with the film projected on a large HD screen accompanied by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. You will feel like you yourself are going back in time to when films were scored live in the cinema – except the twist is this isn’t a Charlie Chaplin film, but a film from the 80s! This is a unique experience like no other!

There will also be twenty minutes of brand new music written by the award-winning composer, Silvestri, and added to the score specifically for these unique live orchestra shows. This is music you will be one of the first to hear and experience!

Image: Jason Leung

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra recently celebrated its 25th birthday in 2018. The orchestra is renowned for its versatility, often performing a program ranging from classical pieces to jazz and musical scores, and film scores – like this performance. The orchestra is a trailblazing force to be reckoned with, treating classical music and modern film scores with the same reverence.

The event is at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 16th April at Symphony Hall. This event is part of a nationwide tour. To book tickets follow the link below and for information visit the Symphony Hall website. Tickets ranging from £28.

To make group bookings or to book wheelchair spaces please visit the website. Symphony Hall has an Access Scheme that offers a range of tickets and services for disabled patrons and their carers and assistants. To join the Access Scheme email the box office, address below.

Tickets: https://www.thsh.co.uk/boxoffice/ticket/674335

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