Burglary prevention advice from West Midlands Police

With the evenings still turning dark early, criminals are taking advantage of the low visibility and are targeting homes across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

With this in mind, West Midlands Police are reminding members of the public about the importance of making sure your property is secure and ensure you’re not giving burglars any opportunity.

Most burglars are opportunist and therefore simple measures can often be enough to prevent them.

Top tips

  • Make sure your windows and front, back and side doors are locked – especially when heading out.
  • Don’t leave your keys in a convenient location such as by the front door
  • When you’re out, leave a light on to give the impression someone is in
  • Use a burglar alarm if you have one
  • Never leave a spare key in a convenient location, such as under the mat
  • Secure your doors. Check the condition of the frames and glass panels. Fit devices such as chains and door viewers.

Sadly most people review their home security after being burgled that’s why WMP have launched ’27 Station Road’ an interactive crime scene where the public can play detective and see the aftermath of a burglary and at the same time learn crime prevention tips.

You can find the interactive crime scene at https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/27stationroad/ for further advice on home security you can also visit https://west-midlands.police.uk/your-options/residential-burglary/#prevention