No doubt, you’re already aware that Cookes Furniture provides an amazing space to peruse magnificent interiors and catch-up over a coffee, or hearty lunch, but did you know that Cookes also offers a great bespoke design service too?

The service, provided by in-house interior designer Lynne, is dedicated to advising and inspiring; enabling you to design your home in a way that suits you. Lynne will get to know you and suggest pieces to suit your tastes, advise on layouts, give you tips on the latest trends, and do all the ordering!

Once you’re done, you’ll be equipped with all you need to create the stunning interior look you’ve always dreamt of… So, if you’re looking to redecorate or just re-style, a visit to Cookes Design Service is a must!

Book your FREE instore appointment now and discuss your interior designs over a glass of complimentary Prosecco.

In the meantime, here are Lynne’s top five interior tips:

  1. It’s important to manage your expectations.

With streams of gorgeous imagery floating around on social media, it’s all too easy to get carried away with ideas that aren’t always practical for your own home.

A pearl white lounge may look the dream on Pinterest, but your troop of toddlers & pets may have other ideas! That’s why Lynne will get to know you, and how your room is used, and with this knowledge, she’ll help you stay true to your style while ensuring that your new-to-be transformed space suits you and your needs.

Lynne and the rest of the Cookes team understand the importance of managing your expectations, and the value in adapting the things you love to fit your space, within your budget, accommodating your lifestyle… taking the pressure off!

  1. It’s ok to make the most of what you already have.

Transforming a room doesn’t have to mean stripping the entire area. Small additions to a pretty much perfect room can be the icing on the cake. There may be sentimental value to some of your furniture & accessories or an inspiring purchase that perfectly fits your vision.

Lynne has designed entire rooms around colours from a favourite item of clothing, existing furniture and beautiful paintings, so feel free to bring images or objects that inspire you. Lynne is also able to come along to your home to get a feel for your existing pieces and cherished items.

  1. Accessorises can make all the difference.

We’ve all heard the saying, a little goes a long way, and this is the case when it comes to accessories. From her 30+ years as an interior designer, Lynne has learnt that while you may have the most impressive collection of furniture, accessories & soft furnishings shouldn’t be overlooked, they’re essential to make a room come together… It’s all in the detail!

The Cooke’s team will encourage & inspire you, not only with colour but textures, fabrics and materials too. Lynne will work with you in-store, or in the comfort of your own home, if you wish, helping you decide on the right picks and advising on positioning in accordance with the space you’re redesigning.

  1. It always helps to make an initial plan and then have a play-about

Decorating can be daunting for some, especially for those of us who struggle to visualise the true potential of an empty space, testing out where pieces of furniture and key items may go can give you a feel for how your new, luxe looks will come together.

Cookes empathise and offer varying design packages to meet your requirement’s, including space planning with floor plans and full design boards, showcasing designs in detail & giving you the confidence to make the right decisions before making your new interior a reality.

There is a fee of £100 for this service (for a home visit) redeemable against in-store purchases of £500. There is also a £250 fee for drawings and mood board redeemable against £1,000 spend.

  1. Don’t underestimate the effect that lighting can have.

Just like accessories, the clever use of light can subtly improve the feel of any room; in fact, it can improve your mood too! That’s just two great reasons to make sure never to underestimate the power of lighting.

Lynne explains that the wrong kind of lighting can affect your ability to relax and live well in your home, therefore it’s worth investing in good mood & task lighting for varying activities in each room…Entertaining guests in the dining room? You’ll want soft subtle lighting. Getting some work done in the study? Something a little brighter – direct task lamps are a must.

Lynne also notes that playing with indoor illuminations can create atmosphere, by way of placing up-lighters through plants to cast shadows and adding a variety of table lamps to create a mood or using mirrors to experiment with reflection, these are sure-fire ways to add interest.

The Cookes Design Service is a fantastic way to start from scratch but is just as useful to those who want to freshen up their homes with small, yet effective changes.

So, whatever your interior needs, Cookes Furniture are here to work with you… finding a style that reflects your tastes & personality within your guidelines and budget!

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