Kent & Curwen, David Beckham’s co-owned fashion label unveiled its Peaky Blinders collection at London Fashion Week, over the weekend. To celebrate he took to the set of the BBC show to meet with cast and crew members.

Steven Knight (writer/creator of Peaky Blinders), Chris Ballantyne (Co-Producer), Si Bell (Director of Photography), Ollie Whickman (Gaffer), David Beckham and Anthony Byrne (director) on the set of Peaky Blinders 

‘The Garrison Tailors’ line, an exclusive collaboration with the super successful TV show, features signature items you’ll definitely have come across on screen. Garments include; wool coats, smart shirts, fitted waistcoats and the famous flat cap. Although we’re pretty sure these ones don’t come with razors attached!

The appearance of this ultra-cool collection should come as little surprise to fans of the fashion conscious former footballer, who has often been in the news thanks to his experimentation with style, often sporting the famous cap long before now.

Images: Robert Viglasky (c) Caryn Mandabach Productions 2019