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In a move that is set to reduce wedding costs, the Chancellor Philip Hammond has announced a review of marriage laws, allowing couples to get married in various locations, including McDonalds, hotels, pubs and restaurants.

Current wedding venues have to adhere to strict rules in order to classify. As it stands right now, there has to be a dedicated room where the ceremony should be held and oddly, no food or drink can be consumed in said room an hour before the wedding takes place. Surely the extra grease from a hearty burger will slip that ring right on?

In this new move, that is all set to change! Maybe this will persuade those who oppose the idea of marriage, or can’t afford it. Surely a toast with a large vanilla milkshake may swing things!

Forking out for a round of Bargain Buckets for guests will surely slash the costs for those wanting to say ‘I do’ but can’t quite gather the funds. Wetherspoons may be an option too, as long as your blushing bride can make it down all of those stairs in her beautiful gown.