Bubba Hubba bubblegum gin exists thanks to Sweet Little Liqueurs company and it can be ordered online! Although you’ll have to wait until its back in stock, as it is proving rather popular.

The super-sweet spirit will take you back to simpler times, as the beautifully scented sauce will remind you of the popular Hubba Bubba bubblegum you used to fill up on when you were a kid! Except with an added naughtiness – 18% vol gin, providing that needed kick.

Suggested mixtures are premium tonics or lemonades. However our chosen way to go, is by adding a little dash to a refreshing drink of prosecco for an incredible taste of summer.

Bottles have flew quickly and are currently sold out,  thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the spirit. However you can sign up here to be notified once shelves are stocked once more.