Birmingham Crown Court

Sunil Kumar Ralhan appeared at Birmingham Crown Court on 5 October 2018 and in addition to the court-ordered disqualification for 7 years, the company director also received a 9-month prison sentence.

The court heard that Sunil Ralhan was the sole director of Travelogue Ltd from November 2014, having bought the travel agency from its former director.

However, the company was placed in liquidation in May 2015 after it failed to recover payments from travel agents based abroad who had bought tickets through Travelogue. The travel agency was later dissolved in February 2017.

Independent insolvency practitioners were appointed to take charge of liquidating the company but Sunil Ralhan had failed to keep adequate accounting records, while also failing to share them with the insolvency practitioners and later, investigators from the Insolvency Service.

Glenn Wicks, Chief Investigator for the Insolvency Service, said: “As the director of the company, albeit on behalf of others, this man was responsible for keeping books and records. By not providing them he covered up what was almost certainly a fraud and that is why he received this imprisonment.”

At an earlier hearing, Sunil Ralhan accepted that he failed to keep accounting records that were sufficient to show and explain the transactions of the company.