Krispy Kreme stores will be seeing purple over the next week, as from 8 – 14th October the store will be secretly selling Vimto flavoured doughnuts  to those with the special code.

Those who want to taste test the limited edition snack will have to recite a particular phrase in order to get their soon-to-be sticky hands on the soft drink flavoured sweet. ‘I see Vimto in Krispy Kreme’ are the magic words. And don’t forget, as there is limited time to taste this interesting combo, and you just simply can’t pass up that opportunity! Also note, you won’t see these on display, they are ‘under the counter’ treats! But we promise, we aren’t making things up!

The grape, raspberry and currant flavoured creation, ‘rings’ in at £1.90. For a delicious tasting doughnut, I’m sure you’ll agree this is a small price to pay. Get to your nearest Krispy Kreme store while you can!