Loaded gun and stolen car recovered after police arrest a burglary suspect

A burglary suspect was arrested after he inadvertently popped open the doors of a stolen Range Rover which was being guarded by plainclothes police officers.

Officers from the Birmingham Organised Crime Unit were patrolling the city centre in the early hours of Friday morning (21/06) when they spotted an Evoque they suspected was on cloned plates.

Whilst they made arrangements to seize and recover the car in Beak Street a man approached and unwittingly activated the door system.

Officers detained the man and found the car’s key in his pocket. They later found a loaded revolver in the glove-box.

The revolver seized by West Midlands Police officers

A 26-year-old man from Handsworth was arrested on suspicion of car theft, firearms possession and burglary after it was discovered the Range Rover was one of four cars taken during a burglary in Hampton Lucy, Warwickshire on 12 June.

The man has since been bailed with strict conditions – including one banning him from part of the city centre – until next month to allow officers to carry out more enquiries and for ballistics experts to examine the weapon.

Inspector Al Teague from the Birmingham Organised Crime Unit, said: “It was a fantastic spot by a member of the team: they thought the Evoque looked out of place and didn’t think the screws in the registration plate were the type used by Land Rover.

“They carried out some enquiries which proved the car was stolen…and moments later the man walked by them with the keyless entry fob in his pocket and popped open the doors! Great timing for us…awful timing for him.

“And it led us to seize a revolver with two bullets in the chamber – a potentially life-saving recovery.”

The arrested man will return for more questioning next month.