Man who complained police had unfairly raided his home is jailed for knife attack on vulnerable woman

A man who complained police had unfairly raided his home and made his life “unbearable” has been jailed after West Midlands Police detectives linked him to a series of assaults on women, including a shocking knife attack which left a woman needing 42 stitches.

Police officers forced entry to Jordan Layne’s flat in Handsworth on Christmas Day last year following an allegation of false imprisonment and suspicions the property was being used to deal drugs.

Jordan wasn’t at the property, but officers caught up with him on January 5 when he was arrested following a police pursuit.

Jordan Layne

The 28-year-old was released under investigation and, days later, turned to another “media outlet” in Birmingham to portray himself as a victim.

Layne falsely claimed he’d been forced to sleep in his car following the raid and that the police attention had “put a big strain” on him and suggested, “I can’t work or do what I’ve got to do normally”.

However, West Midlands Police detectives discovered what Jordan ‘did normally’ was acting as a pimp for sex workers and used violence against them in order to intimidate or steal from the women.

A shocking attack came on 24 March when he was spotted rowing with a woman in Soho Road, near Belgrave Terrace. He slashed the 40-year-old across the face with a knife requiring her to 42 stitches and leaving her permanently scarred.

The knifeman was described as having a distinctive ‘1991’ tattoo on his wrist and enquires led West Midlands Police to identify Layne as the likely suspect. He was arrested on 27 March back at the Grosvenor Road flat and later picked out during an ID parade.

Detectives also discovered Layne had punched a woman and held a knife to her face at a Handsworth address on 22 February.

And in the early hours of 2 April bully Layne dragged a sex worker down an alleyway off Soho Road yelling “get off my road” before robbing her of just £1.90 in loose change.

Layne went on to admit wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, robbery and making threats with a knife and at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday (2/12) was jailed for 12-and-a-half years.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Rich Marsh, said: “His victims were sex workers he was trying to control and make money from…and he was prepared to use grotesque levels against these vulnerable women.

“Layne used the media to try and persuade people he was a victim and that police were unfairly targeting him. The truth is that he is a violent man linked to drugs and the exploitation of women.

“One of his victims has been left with permanently physical scars not to mention the psychological impact of the aggression and intimidation she suffered at Layne’s hands. I wish her well for the future and hope the prison sentence Layne has received will offer some comfort.”