Small talk can help save a life

If you talk to someone who is in emotional crisis on the on or near the railway, you could help save their life with just a few simple words.

Trust your instincts and intervene when you see someone vulnerable. This is the message from the Small Talk Saves Lives campaign in partnership with Samaritans, British Transport Police and the wider rail industry.

Passengers are encouraged to notice possible warning signs that someone is at risk of suicide on or around the rail network, such as someone standing alone and isolated, looking distant and withdrawn, staying on the platform a long time without boarding a train or displaying something out of the ordinary in their behaviour or appearance.

Although there is no single sign or combination of behaviours that mean someone is suicidal, if you see someone and something doesn’t feel right, making small talk with them will interrupt any suicidal thoughts they may have.

Suicide is preventable. A short conversation with someone who may be struggling to cope can go a long way, and might even help save a life.