Did you know? Birmingham has more parks than any other equivalent sized city in Europe. It’s a fact we certainly feel proud of, given how important our show of greenery is to the health and happiness of our fellow residents. Cannon Hill Park, situated in South Birmingham is just one of the city’s favourites, especially since the introduction of its adventure packed Fun Park!

Of course, these days, persuading the kids away from their tablets and off into the great outdoors is that much easier when there is entertainment available and Cannon Hill has this in bundles.

The Land Train

A great way to explore the park without the walk. The train stops at all of the attractions dotted across the area, making it easy to get around. So if the MAC, Wildlife Conservation Park, Mini Golf, or Boating Lake are your destination you can hop on and off, with ease, as and when you please.

Golden Putter Mini Golf

Fantastic for the family. The 36 hole course is packed with twists and turns to keep things interesting. Beware your ball doesn’t fly off into one of the many water traps! Such hazards mean all ages will be entertained over the duration. Making for plenty of laughs!

The Fun Park

The little ones will fall in love with the Fun Park. Various rides await those from ages 2-12 and some accommodate parents too, handy if the kids are too young to go it alone just yet. This part of the park is home to attractions, such as: the Turbo Bug, Spinning Coaster, Hilly Billy Railway Train Ride and the Frozen Swing Ride. You’ve been warned, you won’t be able to drag them away!

With its wealth of activities Cannon Hill acts as an excellent choice for an entire day out. There is food and drink to be had at the MAC and Garden Tea Room. Fishing, Cycling and Walking trails are also great for those who want to incorporate exercise into their family activity day, or for those who want to break up time between attractions. Not forgetting, the wonders of the Wildlife Conservation Park, where children can visit and learn all about some of their favourite animals! A worthy trip, indeed!

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