Birmingham’s theatre crowd are highly-anticipating this show and its stars coming to the city to perform the amazingly choreographed, heart-felt tale, which has already proved to be a best-seller on the West End.

Given the excitement surrounding the arrival of Matilda The Musical, we decided to catch-up with the cast and ask them all of our burning questions.

Craige Els and Sebastien Torkia are two incredible actors responsible for bringing the Roald Dahl classic to life on stage, and in addition, absolutely nailing their grotesque characters, the terrifying Miss Trunchbull and Mr Wormwood.

Here is what they had to say when we caught up with them last month.

Are you looking forward to coming to Birmingham?


How is the role different to others you’ve played before?


How do you channel your inner mean for the roles you play?


What is your favourite part of working on Matilda The Musical?


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