West Midlands Police make 35 arrests in Project Guardian blitz on young knife crime suspects

West Midlands Police has arrested more than 30 people in a major operation targeting knife and violent crime suspects across the West Midlands today as part of Project Guardian.

Suspects wanted for crimes including robbery and serious woundings have been brought in for questioning as dozens of officers worked through the night and the morning.

Officers knocked on doors around the region, before bringing them into a team of detectives brought in specially to cope with the surge of suspects.

A team of intelligence officers gave live updates to officers on the streets on the latest information about suspects’ whereabouts. Thirty-six people were arrested and three others will be interviewed at a later date.

Supt Phil Dolby, in charge of Project Guardian, said: “Youth violence and knife crime is a priority for us and today is about targeting outstanding suspects wanted for crimes involving violence and weapons, with a focus on those where the victim or offender are under 25.

“My message to those people is if you think you’re wanted, hand yourself in, or we will come and fetch you at an inconvenient time.

“We’re relentlessly pursuing suspects and we’re determined to make people feel safer. This is not just about the reality of violent crime, but the perception.

“Arrests like today’s are only part of the story. We’re working with schools, parents and others to get the message out about the devastating impact violence has on lives.”