What with the World Cup at play, we’re feeling very patriotic ourselves at the moment,  as are many Americans who celebrate Independence Day today. Luckily, our city has amazing cuisine from all corners of the planet here to enjoy. So why not show some solidarity and join the celebrations by chowing down on some authentic American food and drinks, until your own country needs you on Saturday (07/07) when our beloved England squad play Sweden!

The Jailbird

(Image: Gastronomic Gorman)

Seafood and Steak are the specialities at the recently opened New York style bar and restaurant. This haunt displays a sophisticated and classy take on the States. Amazing décor and fabulous cocktails will make you feel like an extra in blockbusting film.


Coney Island Fish Pie – cod, halibut, haddock and monk fish cooked to perfection in a creamy, white sauce topped with homely mash.

Boston Rib – salty, sweet, on the bone rib steak served with thick-cut chips, seasoned just right.


Rub Smokehouse

(Image: Rub Smokehouse)

These guys do things the American way, for sure with evidence being their bold and brave menu, which is definitely not for the faint of heart. A trip to Rub is not to be made if its just a quick bite you need to satisfy. You’ll get an epic feed here and meat sweats are to be expected.


Big Boy USA in Little Italy – a double cheese-burger in a bun with fries wrapped in a calzone, more fries served on the side with a bbq dipping sauce.

Nugget Birthday Cake (it’s a celebration after all) – a huge pile of chicken nuggets with candles! Served with sweet curry sauce, sweet chilli, mayo, ketchup, honey bbq and bbq mayo. Yes, really!

 Dark Horse

(Image: Dark Horse)

The Dark Horse lies in the eclectic suburb of Moseley and really is a venue and a half, turning its hand to wild events after dark. The team are amazing and producing hearty food for all preferences, which shines in their often rave reviews.


Smoked Wild Boar Hot Dog – served in a robust hotdog bun with kraut and a side of fries.

Holy Cow – flavoursome beef rib, brisket and burnt ends, pickles, slaw and corn with fries.



(Image: Archie’s)

Found in Selfridges, Archie’s has typical diner décor and will immerse you in the all-American teen flicks you used to watch back in the 1980’s. A quirky dining experience is to be enjoyed here and is the ultimate in cool places to dine.


The Breakfast Burger – beef patty, a grilled egg, turkey bacon and a splash of ketchup.

I Want S’more – classic American waffle with crushed digestives, Nutella and marshmallows topped with whipped cream, icing powder, a flake, ice-cream and a wafer. Phew!


Original Patty Men

(Image: Original Patty Men)

I’m sure no introduction is required when it comes to the Original Patty Men. These guys are the kings of street-food in Birmingham and offer the tastiest of burgers with a nod to American style cooking. Their simple but effective menu is to die for.


Alabama Slammer – juicy chicken thigh, deep-fried with lime and ginger slaw topped with a choice of Alabama Sauce or Franks hot sauce.

Cheezy- E – beef patty with fresh white onion, American cheese, lettuce, pickle and tangy Boss Man sauce.

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