(Image: Taylors of Harrogate)

We are eager to shake hands with the genius who thought this up. Gone are the days of losing half your biscuit when having a dip.  No more missing out on the ultimate comfort if your biscuit tin is empty.  And an end to the yucky bits lying at the bottom of your brew after a dunking session. Yes, this really is the most British invention ever!

Yorkshire tea’s original taste, which we all know and love ends with a sweet, malty flavour mimicking that of one of Britain’s best-loved biccies. The company has advised that it is at its best when brewed with milk, as we are sure if the case.

We can’t wait to put our feet up, get our favourite show on the box and have a break-time treat in the form of Biscuit Brew, which is already available across Morrisons around the country. Don’t all rush at once and please leave some for us!