There is just under a week to go until Easter Sunday so we suggest you get cracking if you haven’t had chance to pick up that all important chocolate token yet. Most of us will be eagerly awaiting a sweet treat for that Sunday evening pick-me-up, so you do not want to disappoint.

Here are just some of the Eggs available in stores and to order:

Tesco Finest Gin and Elderflower, £10.00

For a relative whose alcohol cabinet is already sufficiently stocked, this makes a great gift. A milk and dark chocolate egg flavoured with gin and elderflower houses six creamy truffles of the same taste. A must for the gin lover in your life.

Available from Tesco.

(Image: Tesco)


The Chocolate Society Giraffe Egg, £29.95

Pricey but oh-so pretty to look at. These safari style eggs are so good looking you might struggle to crack them open. We’re sure you’ll have no hesitation once we tell you what to expect from this indulgent coco treat. White chocolate made from Valrhona – one of the most premium manufacturers in the world, found in France.

Available from Harvey Nichols.

(Image: Harvey Nichols)

Curious Inventions Easter Egg, £2.99

A cheap and cheerful choice if you have a family full of kiddies to buy for. These wonderfully weird eggs come in Rocky Road, Popping Candy and a new Honeycomb addition. Mixed white and milk chocolate with white choc buttons and pieces of crunchy honeycomb can’t go a miss. Adults and children will love these all the same!

Available at Aldi.

(Image: Aldi)

Melt Milk Chocolate Popcorn Easter Egg, £29.99

We think this one is a great choice to have a cuppa char with. A milk chocolate egg dotted with caramelised popcorn along its surface, adds a tasty element and texture to proceedings. Presented in a beautifully branded box this is a perfect present for a loved one really in need of a little indulgence.

Available at Selfridges.

(Image: Selfridges)

Dark Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg, £8.00

So whilst you maybe cheating on that diet, at least it won’t look like it! Waitrose have come up with a not-so guilt free surprise this Easter for your favourite avo fan. The shell and stone are made up of 70% cocoa Belgian chocolate with the remainder a luxury white offering. Natural food colouring is used to give this its effective green colour.

Available at Waitrose.

(Image: Waitrose)