The UK’s First Dumpling International Festival is coming to Digbeth. On Saturday 12th October the award-winning event organisers, Taste & Liquor, present a gorgeous street food festival celebrating the humble dumpling.

Dumplings exist in every cuisine and every culture! From steamed wontons to fried pierogi, dumplings are THE meal for the hungry foodie. This is food for the soul, warm pockets filled to bursting with tasty morsels. The event has street food traders showcasing dumplings from around the world. Join Taste & Liquor as they journey from Korea to India, Jamaica to Russia, and beyond.

The hosts have teamed up with six street food vendors, all Midlands-based, to curate a mouth-watering menu.

Poland and Russia

Fully Belly offers traditional Pierogi dumplings containing strong, hearty flavours, such as, herby beef and mushrooms. They also offer Russian style dumplings filled with potatoes, cheese and onion.


They will be offering Fried Vanilla Dumplings as a sweet side to traditional Jerk Curry, with a vegetarian option as well.


Get your teeth into deep-fried Kofta Dumplings and Chickpea, Tamarind and Whiskey Gol Guppas. These are crispy bites bursting with flavour!


Seoul Food by Halton Turner is set to tantalise your taste buds. They will be selling crispy Korean dumplings filled with pork and kimchi as well as a deliciously soft seafood wonton noodle soup. This trader offers pan-Asian dumplings, showing the range of steamed, boiled, pan-fried, and deep-fried dumplings that the continent has to offer.

There will also be sweet dumplings from The Dough Bar if you have a need for pudding!

The event will be a celebration of good, comfort food lasting all day from 12pm – 8pm. Alongside the stalls, there will be on-site bars offering a range of drinks and DJs playing all your favourite tunes throughout the event.

Come on down to the Quantum Event Centre for a day of feasting! Tickets begin at £5.00 and children under 4 go free!

Book here now for your fill of succulent dumplings