Birmingham City Council Wheelie Bin

The council has issued another update on refuse and recycling collections in Birmingham following the roll out of it’s waste management modernisation plan which launched in September.

In the last update the council said it was allocating additional resources to help clear the back log of missed collections.

Writing on the current situation Cllr Majid Mahmood, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling said: “Our hardworking crews are building local knowledge to ensure the most efficient routes are used – but everyone involved with this effort is clear that we do need to improve our performance so that your refuse and recycling is collected consistently.

“Please accept our apologies if any of your bins are missed and be reassured that we are making the progress needed to get to where we need to be.

“The garden waste collection season is coming to an end and we fully recognise this is a paid-for service, so will ensure outstanding cuttings and clippings are collected this week.

“We also know there have been some issues in particular around assisted collections, where citizens need extra support from our crews to have their waste picked up. We have a plan in place to address this.

“To make sure we make those final steps of improvement, we do need your help. Please do continue to let us know if your bins are missed via the contact centre, because it is only when we have this information that we can help smooth out any of the outstanding issues we have.

“I want to again place on record that our crews have done a great job in the context of us reallocating 360,000 properties to our newly formed 176 teams just two-and-a-half months ago.

“Once again, I thank you for your patience over recent weeks and reiterate we are committed to build a waste service that reflects the needs of its citizens, delivering on the top priority for citizens – clean streets.”

The council is also reminding residents that they are collecting refuse and recycling from 5.30am on some routes so make sure your bins are out by then on your scheduled collection day, or after 3.30pm the day before.

Figures released in November revealed Birmingham is blighted with more than 40 fly-tipping incidents every day, with over 15,993 fly-tipping incidents in 12 months. An increase of 14% from five years ago when there were 14,043.

Overall across England fly-tipping has increased by 40%.