For freelancers and creatives, nothing beats the atmosphere of working in a coffee shop, particularly if you need to get away from your house and get some work done without the usual distractions.

Finding decent coffee shops and cafes with vegetarian and vegan options is easier than ever for people who practice a meat-free lifestyle in Birmingham.

Whether you love an English Breakfast tea with soya milk or a skinny oat latte, here’s some vegetarian and vegan coffee shops in Birmingham that will help with your productivity.

The Warehouse Café

The Warehouse Café in Digbeth is the oldest active vegetarian café in Birmingham. For more than 30 years, vegetarians and vegans have enjoyed a productive day’s work with a dairy-free tea or coffee, as well as meatless lunches and dinners such as, battered “fish” (halloumi) and chips and bean burgers.

 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge

There’s no shortage of coffee shops within the Jewellery Quarter, including 3 Three’s Coffee Lounge that produce artisan coffee to give you that extra productivity boost. Vegans and vegetarians alike will find no shortage of food options available, including hot dogs and paninis!

Cherry Reds

Situated in between the Mailbox and New Street Station, on John Bright Street, Cherry Reds accommodates both vegans and vegetarians through its range of food and drink options. They also have an extensive array of vegan beers to complement the coffee and burger options available to give you a spring in your step.


Damascena transports coffee lovers and freelancers to the Syrian city of Damascus, thanks to its inspired interior. For vegans and vegetarians, an Arabian spiced coffee with falafel may just be the right medicine to get you through a tough day at work.

200 Degrees

One of the busier independent coffee shops within Birmingham City Centre, 200 Degrees is a fantastic coffee house to organise meetings and work on current projects. The coffee is hand roasted at 200 degrees and there are plenty of milk alternatives on offer, as well as an array of meatless baguettes, salads and breakfasts.