Torn between brunch and hanging out with your canine best friend? You don’t have to choose! Birmingham has a lot of dog friendly cafes and pubs around the city. Not a dog owner? These are the best venues to head to for a bit of dog spotting.

1. Wayland’s Yard – Bull Street

This brunch favourite serves up brunch classics all day long and is totally dog friendly. If you’re lucky, the owner’s spaniel Kobe might be there too! Pop in for a coffee, some tasty food and give Kobe a pat.

2. The Physician – Harborne Road

The Physician is ideally located for a post-walk beer. The pub sits next door a beautiful riverside footpath. Stretch your legs with the dog and swing by for a pint when you’re done. Dogs are welcome throughout the pub. You’ll even find dog biscuits on the bar!

3. Boston Tea Party – Various Locations

Boston Tea Party have several Birmingham branches, all of which are dog friendly. Whether you visit the branch in the city centre, Edgbaston or Harborne, you can be sure you and your four-legged friend will get a warm welcome.

4. Rose Villa Tavern – Warstone Lane

Rose Villa Tavern allows dogs on the pavement terrace and in the pub. Order a diner classic and a sweet shop inspired cocktail for you, and a bowl of water for your dog.

5. Prince of Wales – Alcester Road

This much-loved Moseley pub has a traditional front bar and one of the most famous beer gardens in the city. Enjoy street food, live music, and a welcome for your pooch.

But what if you’re more of a cat person than a dog person? There’s good news for you too! The Station in King’s Heath is not only dog-friendly, but also welcomes feline visitors.